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Employee Speak

"As you probably already know, I have been moved into a fulltime position at the client site. I want to say thank you for all that you and ICONMA have done for me. You made working here at LSI so much easier with..."
Referral Bonus Plan

Good employees are the key to any successful business. ICONMA invites you to participate in our referral program. We understand that high-quality employees like you know other talented people who would want to work with ICONMA. Also equally hard to find are good quality business (job) referrals. By way of recognition and to thank you, we offer referral bonuses for candidates successfully hired by ICONMA.

With that being said, we are rolling out our referral bonus program to reward your efforts in referring good candidates and/or positions.

Candidate Referral Bonus Plan

If you know someone who would be a good fit for positions advertised on ICONMA’s company website (, please share the job description with them. If they are interested, complete the Candidate Referral Form and send in your referral’s resume along with the candidate referral form to You can also just have your referral send us their resume with your name listed as the referrer.

Once a referral entry form is submitted, the candidate will be entered into our database and remain active for six months. If your candidate is not hired within 6 months of being referred, that referral is no longer eligible for a bonus. A candidate cannot be referred more than once. The successful candidate must be employed by ICONMA for a period of 90 workdays in order for you (the referrer) to be eligible for the bonus.

Referral Entry Form

The bonus** is calculated on 1% of the size of the opportunity, with a minimum bonus of $100 and a maximum of $1000, payable 90 days after the project begins.

Please email information about possible candidate referrals to with the completed Candidate Referral Form

Business Referral Bonus Plan

Our Business Referral Program encourages eligible individuals to submit business opportunities with existing and/or new clients to ICONMA. If you know that your department, or another department within the company, is looking to add another position or that there is a need for additional consultants, you can send us the information. If that opportunity becomes an open assignment, and a consultant is successfully placed, you are eligible for a bonus.

The bonus** is calculated on 2% of the size of the opportunity, with a minimum bonus of $250 and a maximum of $1500, payable 90 days after ICONMA has placed a consultant on the job.

The Rules:

Please email information about possible job openings to with the completed Business Referral Form.

Grand Bonus Plan

To be eligible for a $2000 Grand Bonus, an individual must refer five candidates or five business (job) referrals. It can also be a combination of both candidates and referrals, in which ICONMA places consultants. The referrals need to result in five new consultant placements for ICONMA, all hired in a 12 month consecutive period, subsequent to the date the first candidate is hired.

Additionally, all rules and regulations for the referral bonus award will apply to this Grand Bonus. Each candidate must have satisfied 90 workdays of employment prior to payment of a Grand Bonus and each business referral with a consultant placed should last for a period 90 workdays. No partial Grand Bonuses will be given.